Briggs Roofing is a roofing company serving Idaho and southern Utah. The owner was struggling to delegate his many responsibilities, from business strategy to day-to-day operations. Unable to promote or hire, he couldn’t maintain his current workload and train employees at the same time. We documented every role in his business from top to bottom. Today, he can delegate responsibilities as needed and retire worry-free when he is ready to spend more time at home with his grandchildren, all without sacrificing his business.

The Challenge

  • Owner/CEO was buried under day-to-day tasks
  • Struggling to delegate, hire, and train
  • Incomplete, out-of-date, and missing processes

Our Solution

  • Built a series of role-specific handbooks
  • Refined existing processes
  • Engineered missing processes

The Result

  • Enabled Owner/CEO to delegate responsibilities
  • Empowered owner/CEO to focus on the future
  • Turned retirement into a real option

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Other Success Stories

We customize our deliverables to your needs, but here are a few examples of deliverables that can take your teams to the next level.

Customer Service

Company: Valley Glass

Industry: Automotive

The Result

  • Reduced turnover from 150% to 45% in under a year
  • Shortened the ramp period for new hires
  • Reduced managers’ time investment in training new hires
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Sales Training

Company: Tech 9

Industry: Custom Software Development

The Result

  • Reduced ramp period from 1 year to 3 months
  • Refocused sale rep efforts on tasks that lead to closes
  • Closed full-service deals within 3 months of training
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Company: Rockwell Windows

Industry: Manufacturing

The Result

  • Enabled shipping and purchasing team expansion
  • Operations run independently of any one employee
  • Scalable processes can be applied to a secondary location
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