Wealth Factory is an entrepreneur-focused wealth management training company. When we met them, they were in the process of redesigning their flagship program. Functioning as a lean and mean team, Wealthy Factory knew what they wanted from the new program but didn’t have the time or manpower to make it happen. We joined their effort by taking direction from the COO, adding instructional design updates, and refining their content to meet their new program goals. Since then, we have worked on three additional training programs with them, all of which are up and running with new learners.

The Challenge

  • Program quality did not justify price
  • Unorganized materials in difficult to access and navigate formats
  • Slow client progress and low knowledge retention

Our Solution

  • Created a single, easy-to-use workbook
  • Built a program guide for learners and coaches
  • Integrated interactive elements into both a digital and print format

The Result

  • Expanded participant enrollment opportunities
  • Increased program value by 50%
  • Simplified coach onboarding

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Other Success Stories

We customize our deliverables to your needs, but here are a few examples of deliverables that can take your teams to the next level.

Customer Service

Company: Valley Glass

Industry: Automotive

The Result

  • Reduced turnover from 150% to 45% in under a year
  • Shortened the ramp period for new hires
  • Reduced managers’ time investment in training new hires
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Sales Training

Company: Tech 9

Industry: Custom Software Development

The Result

  • Reduced ramp period from 1 year to 3 months
  • Refocused sale rep efforts on tasks that lead to closes
  • Closed full-service deals within 3 months of training
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Company: Rockwell Windows

Industry: Manufacturing

The Result

  • Enabled shipping and purchasing team expansion
  • Operations run independently of any one employee
  • Scalable processes can be applied to a secondary location
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