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Grants 101

Why grants? Grants play a vital role in our society, catalyzing positive change and innovation in various fields. These financial resources, typically provided by government agencies, foundations, or philanthropic organizations, empower individuals,

4 Tips for Content Writers

‘Content Writing’ is a job with a pretty broad description and a lot of different approaches. It can be summarized as ‘planning, writing, and editing of text, typically for clients, the web,

10 Eye-Opening Blogging Statistics

With the online blog as popular and widespread as it is, many people don’t know the scale of the industry. Here are some impressive statistics that show how ubiquitous the blogging medium

Reduce Turnover Without Breaking the Bank

It’s the worst kept secret of the business world—turnover is expensive. Estimates of the cost range from 20% to 213% of the employee’s salary, which adds up to hundreds of thousands, if

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