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Best Practices for Remote Employee Training

What Is Remote Work? Remote work has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, technological advances, and the growing need for more flexible work arrangements. It is the

The Dangers of Statistics in Business

Beware the devil’s advocate. When most people think of data and statistics, they think of numbers or empirical proof. Statistics and data are great for making a point in marketing, training, or

Why Your Title Is So Important

The headline or title is the most important part of any online blog post. With millions of new blog posts making their way online daily, you need something that will immediately help

Crafting a UX That Creates Value

UX design is integral to the average company because it’s an element that every customer is guaranteed to interact with at some point. An unavoidable part of the process should be well-designed,

Reduce Turnover Without Breaking the Bank

It’s the worst kept secret of the business world—turnover is expensive. Estimates of the cost range from 20% to 213% of the employee’s salary, which adds up to hundreds of thousands, if

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