10 Eye-Opening Blogging Statistics

With the online blog as popular and widespread as it is, many people don’t know the scale of the industry. Here are some impressive statistics that show how ubiquitous the blogging medium has become.

  1. There are > 600,000,000 active blogs on the internet.
    Hosting Tribunal did their calculation to come up with this figure, with the caveat that something like this is difficult to calculate accurately, and the actual figure may be much larger.
  2. 77% of daily internet users read blogs regularly.
    This is a figure provided by LinkedIn. Blog posts are often criticized as outdated, but are a vital source of in-depth information on various topics without exposure to ads or forced social media participation.
  3. Every blog post receives an average of 1.1 comments.
    The majority of blog posts receive no tangible engagement like this. It’s a good indicator that you’re doing something right if you’re receiving increasing numbers of comments or just steady numbers of comments.
  4. The average blog post takes just under 4 hours to write
    A common marketing complaint against blog writing is that it is too time-consuming. According to Orbit Media, the average blog post takes around 235 minutes – just shy of four hours. This is a major advantage of social media posts over outright blogging.
  5. 54% of Fortune 500 companies have public blogs
    This statistic is from last year, and the general trend is upward. This is a clear sign that blogging will have a long-term presence in the business world and proof that they’re a good use of time and marketing budgets.
  6. Tumblr is by far the most used blogging platform
    It’s not immediately obvious, but Tumblr is the place to publish a blog, with an estimated 450 million blogs regularly updated. The second most popular blogging platform, WordPress, has only 60 million.
  7. Blogs are the 2nd most used form of media for content marketing
    Another strike against those who argue blogs are outdated and obsolete. Blogging beat out infographics, interviews, ebooks, and other forms of content marketing for its second-place title. Only video content is more popular.
  8. Most blog readers prefer a headline that includes one or more numbers
    This is a more successful strategy in crafting a headline than addressing the reader, how-to lists, and thought-provoking questions. These generally start with something along the lines of ‘10 reasons to…’ or ‘20 shocking statistics on….’
  9. Articles with visuals get 94% more views than those without
    If you’re struggling with engagement and read-through and haven’t tried moving beyond a text-only format, this might be a way to double your potential readers easily. Visual aids also help in digesting the information within.
  10. 70% of consumers prefer blog posts to ads
    Ads are often criticized for their invasive and predatory nature. It turns out, blogging is a much better way to advertise to your target audience without aggressively bothering them. Blog posts are also roughly equal in their effectiveness at driving sales.